Starting from scratch ...

Before you can do anything with ShareMyDB you must first either open an existing database or create a new one.  Let's start from scratch and create a new one by doing the following. 

Open the menu by tapping the ShareMyDB logo at the top left of the screen.

2.      Choose NEW DATABASE

3.      Browse to your preferred file location

4.      Enter a name for your database (I'm going to call it: MyNewDatabase)

5.      Click SAVE


Ok, now let’s create a new table.

1.     Tap the TABLES menu and choose NEW TABLE.

2.      Enter your table name (in this example we will call the table MyTable)

3.      In the field name textbox, enter the field name ID

4.      In the field Type spinner, choose INTEGER

5.      Scroll to the right and choose the following options:

6.      Add the new field by tapping the  button.
NOTE:  It is always good practice to NEVER include spaces or special characters in field and/or table names.

Ok … Now let’s repeat Steps 3-6 for the following fields:
FieldName: FirstName
FieldType: TEXT

FieldName: Lastname
FieldType: TEXT

FieldName: Address1
FieldType: TEXT

FieldName: Address2
FieldType: TEXT

FieldName: City
FieldType: TEXT

To save your table, click the SAVE menu at the top right corner of the screen

Excellent!  You’ve just created your first table!