How to Share and Synchronize your ShareMyDB Relational Android Database ....

One of the most exciting features of ShareMyDB is the ability to quickly and easily SHARE your data with others!

Think of the possibilities:

* Quickly and easily make shopping lists, to-do lists, notes ... all of which can be shared with your family, friends ... or anyone you choose!

* Perhaps you have an inventory based business.  Now you can share your inventory table with employees!  No more wondering if the pricing is out-of-date ... as long as you have clicked the SYNC button, everyone will have the same data as everyone else.

* The list of possibilities is endless!

So let's get started. 

 I'm going to start with the sample "Northwind" database that is available for download on the ShareMyDB Sample Library. To download it, simply open ShareMyDB on your device and choose the TOOLS/DOWNLOAD SAMPLE DATABASES menu option.

The Northwind sample consists of a number of tables, and if you move to the next step, you can see a data entry form is also contained in the sample.




So we have numerous data tables which can be opened and edited, and our fancy-shmancy data-entry form that not only shows Employee data, but even displays their photographs!

This is all great, but what if I want to share this information with the rest on the people on my management team? 


First of all, let's close this form and go back to the main menu of ShareMyDB

All we need to do is click the PREPARE DATABASE FOR SHARING menu.

We will then be presented with the following

---> proceed to next step

ShareMyDB is here reminding us that in order to share a database a couple of things need to happen.

1. Several additional data tables are added to your database.  They remain hidden so you don't even know they are there.

2. Each existing table in your database needs to have 1 additional column of data added.  This extra data is used to track changes to your table(s) and is required for synchronization to work. 

3. Your database is then uploaded to our secure server using encrypted connection.

Let's click ok and continue ....

After we click OK we will see ShareMyDB begin processing....

Depending on this size of your database this could take a few seconds... or a few minutes....

Let's continue ...

Once your database has finished being processed, you then have the option of sharing it with some. 

Let's click OK.

(If we don't share it at this point, we can do so later by choosing the SHARING/SHARE THIS DATABASE menu)

Continue ...

Here you simply need to enter the email address of the person you wish you share your database with.

An email will be sent to them explaining that you wish to share a database  with them and the steps required in order to do so.  You are CC'd on this email.


At this point, your database is configured for synchronized sharing. This is evident from the prominent SYNCHRONIZE icon at the top right of your screen .....

 You can click this icon at any time to send any local changes to the server and to receive any changes that your other users have already committed

Let's click the SHARING/MANAGE MY SHARED DATABASES menu option.

Here you will see the all the databases you may have shared with others.  In this case you can see the database we just shared in the previous steps.

This page is very useful because you can verify your currently shared databases, the total bandwidth you've used for the month, the total # of users, etc...

Depending on which ShareMyDB subscription you have purchased, you will be permitted a maximum # of databases you can share, and a maximum bandwidth you can use every month. 

Lets click the VIEW USERS button ....


Here you can see the two users that are currently able to sync to my database, the total bandwidth each one has used this month, and whether or not they have yet downloaded your database.