ShareMyDB Android Note Sharing & Synchronizing application

ShareMyDB is so much more than 'just' a database application.  It allows you to not only create your own powerful Android apps, but it includes FREE apps that you can download right from within ShareMyDB and be using within literally seconds.

NOTE:  Some ShareMyDB sample applications are designed to be multi-user which means you can share data and keep your data synchronized with others.  Sharing and Syncing requires an optional ShareMyDB Data subscription.

The "ShareMyDB Note Sharing" application is just one such example.  Here's how to do it:

First, open ShareMyDB on your device, and choose the "Download Sample Databases" menu option.  You will see a screen similar to this:
 Find the "Note Sharing App" and click DOWNLOAD. You will need to choose a location to save this app to on your device, as well as give it a name.  I'm going to call it "MyNewDatabase".  You can call it whatever you wish.  
Once it is downloaded, it will automatically open to it's main search form as shown here.

Notice that there is a "search" box.  As you type in that box, all notes which include your search text will gradually be shown.  This makes it extremely easy to find any note in your database.

 Let's add a new note by clicking the ADD NOTE button.  

Here you can type out your note, AND also choose a category.

Click X to delete the currently shown note

Click SAVE to save your changes and return to the main search form.  I'll click SAVE now and then to ensure my note is in the database I'll search for the word RENT.
But now for the coolest part!  Assuming you have shared this database with at least one other person, you can send your changes to the server and import the changes made by everyone else by simply clicking the SYNC button.
 Of course, this sample application is VERY simple.  However once you download it, you can then change it and improve on it to your hearts delight.  With a little ShareMyDB 'programming' you can transform this simply app into a powerful full-fledged multi-user note taking application.