Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an active internet connection while I'm viewing/editing/adding/deleting data from my shared database?

No.  ShareMyDB lets you and everyone else use the data in 'offline' mode.  All changes that you make offline are stored and the next time you 'sync' with the server, all your changes are sent to the server, and all changes that other users have posted to the server will be imported into your copy.  The advantage is clear ... this saves drastically on potential data-usage charges.  It also makes access to your data lightning fast since it is always using your local copy.


If I don't need to share data with others, do I need to purchase a monthly subscription?

No.  In fact, most of ShareMyDB's customers are quite happy with the powerful standalone features found in the base package.  Thus, if you don't need to share and sync data with others, all you need to do is purchase the base package.  It is a one-time purchase with free lifetime upgrades.

If I DO want to share data with others, what exactly do I need, and what do the others need in order to use my data?

In order for you to share one of your database with others, you will need to purchase one of our very inexpensive monthly subscriptions.  Prices start at about the price of a cup of coffee!  For example, if you only need to share ONE database and the total amount of bandwidth used by you and all your users will be minimal, you will likely be able to accomplish your goals with BRONZE subscription.  At the time of this posting, the price for the BRONZE subscription is just $1.99/month.  It allows you to share one database with a total of 50MB's of bandwidth per month.  You can share your database with as many other people as you wish.  The only thing they require is a copy of ShareMyDB.  They do NOT need a subscription to be able to share your data.